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Why Choose Us?
Are you fully insured?
Barlow's is a fully Insured contractor. For your protection do not ever just take a contractor's word or some advertisment that the company is fully insured. Always verify and request a "certificate of insurance" for workmen's compensation and liability coverage. These policies tend to be very expensive so therefore may not be affordable for a company to carry. Last year their were over 100,000 ________________ reported. Protect your interests by hiring the correct company.
Customer Service
Servicing our customers is as important to us as the superior workmanship that goes into our exterior cleaning. You receive overwhelming courtesy and efficiency from the moment you request an estimate. Over the years, we have established a standard of good old-fashioned customer service, and we are fully prepared to answer any questions you may have and tackle any of your exterior cleaning needs.
Equipment Used
All extension ladders has stablizing bars on them to protect gutters from damage so the ladder doesn't lay against the gutter.
We use brushes around the windows instead of trying to blast the dirt off that could damage the window seals
We use mildewcides and cleaners that lifts and removes contaminates without the use of very high pressure which is not recommended on your siding or good painted surfaces. Barlows machines are turned down to under 2000 psi which is recommended by many siding manufacturers. Our cleaning process cleans and protects so you don't have to paint so often, this will save you money instead of costing you money.
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