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Cleaning Of All Exterior Siding Surfaces
Each exterior surface is unique in its pressure washing needs. We prepare to clean each home individually due to the differing effects of sun exposure, environmental conditions, and age. We utilize various tested and approved cleaners that are most effective for pressure washing and maintaining a bright appearance after cleaning. Rust, black mold and mildew, green algae, gutter acid rain stains, dirt, egg, bug droppings, and deck sealer over spray, all require a special pressure washing procedure. Our technicians are the most knowledgeable as to the effects of which cleaners are best needed for each particular siding surface.

Our company will apply low water pressure with the proper cleaners to gently lift off the dirt and then rinse thoroughly. Water pressure that is too strong may cause streaking if the siding has white chalky oxidation. A surface such as exterior gutters will require additional scrubbing with a brush. Spider webs and windowpanes need wiping as well. These areas will not come clean with pressure washing alone. We will rinse all exterior windows well as to prevent streaking from necessary cleaners. Extra care is taken with surrounding landscapes and surfaces. All cleaners are biodegradable.

Please be aware that cleaning a surface for preservation and removal of pollutants is not the same procedure than that of a surface that will be painted after cleaning. So if you are having the trim painted on your home and the siding itself needs cleaning, make sure that each surface it is handled accordingly. In addition, mildewcide cleaners are necessary to destroy and remove mildew before painting or staining your aluminum and cedar siding. Never paint a dirty surface with black mold or green algae.
It can come back through the paint and haunt you.
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